The application process for Fashion Rehab opens soon!

What We Want

A lot about the temporary fashion system seems to be obsolete. Yet negative environmental and social effects belong to the fashion industry just as grievances concerning health and labor throughout the whole process of creating a garment. The industry reacts with a more “sustainable” or “conscious” appearance, without actually reconstructuring exploitative structures from within.

This current and problematic status quo is part of the thoughts and struggle from countless practising fashion designers, fashion creatives and those who are in the process of becoming one. The challenges they face when it comes to exploitative working conditions, sustainable approaches as an independent label in an unsustainable market and extremely competitive dynamics, can be overwhelming and even frightening. The lack of time, space and network makes it difficult to break through the ongoing wheel of performance pressure. It becomes impossible to give all those critical thoughts and experiences room and bundle the critique to transform it into an actual strategy.

Therefore we want to invite all those critical fashion involved to connect and put fashion as we know it into rehabilitation. Together we want to visualize what a temporary, transparent and human friendly fashion system looks like and actually realize it.

What We Do

To create philanthropic change it is indispensable to put humans and their needs in the center of attention. Therefore we as “FASHION REHAB – Residency For Critical Fashion Creatives” offer a residency program that is not focused on the final result, but much more on the personal and collaborative process of a critical analysis of the fashion industry. Further we will examine how we as system involved parts can create change in our personal practise as well as on an holistic level. We want to work against the competitive myth of fashion and lift each other up while searching together for sustainable, transparent and social friendly solutions that will be documented and freely shared. Particularly important are the diverse perspectives that will be united in every group and are going to contribute to broadening each person's horizont.

Since fashion is a cultural and human made good, we believe that positive change is possible. Let’s rehabilitate fashion together and work towards a better ecological, economical, culture promoting (?) and human friendly reality.

What We Offer

We offer space, expertise, time and an allyship network. Our residencies are there to serve you in your critical thinking and future driven development. You will have space to communicate your struggle and your differentiated opinion. We will invite experts who are involved in fashion with a variety of backgrounds, who will be there to share their experience with you. These experts will be selected after we determine the group's interest focus through their applications. We as a group will have time to focus on possible strategies for a transparent and sustainable development in our personal work, as well as share thoughts and actions for a holistic structural change. The more we communicate, the more we rehabilitate, the Fashion Rehab network will grow. And it is one of our priorities to create a long-term and robust community for you to find allies, information and support.

About Us

Alexandra Börner is an artistic employee at the Institute for Experimental Clothing and Textile Design at the Berlin University of the Arts. After completing her training as a ladies' tailor, Alexandra studied fashion design at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art in Halle. After finishing her master’s degree in 2017, she founded “Super Health Studios”. Since then she has been cooperating with artists, fashion designers and dancers in numerous and diverse projects. Her work combines fashion, performance and digitization.
She stages fashion and people across all media. Her approach here lies in the abstraction of the performative function of fashion and everyday clothing. Reality and fiction merge in space, while the idea of fashion as a tool for self-discovery is pushed to the limit.

Lea Schweinfurth completed her Masters in Conceptual Fashion Design at Burg Giebichenstein in 2019. Before that, she worked as an intern in the cutting department at Bernhard Willhelm in Los Angeles and in 2018 as an assistant to the design team at EDUN, an ethical luxury brand in New York. In 2019 Lea founded the label and cultural project “NOT_A_STUDIO”, which focuses on sustainability culture. With this project she won the young talent award of the Grassi Museum in Leipzig. The following year she received a six-month work grant for the “NOT_A_STUDIO” project from the Art Foundation of the State of Saxony-Anhalt.
Since completing the scholarship, she has been working as a freelancer and works, among other things, in the field of creative direction for external impact and merchandise for the go plastic company from Dresden.

The "FASHION REHAB - Residency for critical fashion creatives" introduces itself!

The Rehab will open a space for dialogue, where students express points of view, critique and visions in relation to an industry in transition. In contrast to a competitive fashion world, the focus is on exchange and the search for questions in common. With the presentation in the PLATTE, Fashion Rehab kicks off and introduces its long-term vision. Come by, say hi!

Friday, 12 November 2021 to Sunday, 14 November 2021
Opening on 12 November, from 6 p.m., introduction and presentation 6:15 to 7:30 p.m.

Featuring Nina Birri, Alena Stuhr, Louis Krüger, Anna Baydak, Camilla Inge Vollbert, Flora Taubner, Jasmin Halama, Lukas Mogwitz, Allessa Scivoli & Wiebke Lendewig

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